by Matty Layne

Houston Equal Rights Ordinance fails by wide margin” -Houston Chronicle

A ballot has margins, & within
them the voter read Prop. 1,
better known as the “Bathroom Bill”
because that sounds less frightening
than equal rights—to some.
Some knew it was all about fear,
how the priests & pastors used
bills from their tithes & offerings
to a put a man in the woman’s
restroom, printed out the image with
a nice, pious sheen. Labeled the trans-
gendered as a man, a pedophile
to boot. I think they missed the
point. The priest mistook the poster
for a mirror as he beheld his prop-
aganda and cheered the day fear &
hate conquered hope. He’s the super-
hero saving us from ourselves while
we grow accustomed to our place
there, outside the text, beyond
the proposition on the ballot.
We just keep slipping deeper & deeper
into these widening margins.

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