by Rachael Button

Unofficially 49,467th, but First Among the New York City Marathon’s ‘Almost’ Crew“-NYTimes

Have you ever run
your socks blood-soaked?
Run till your toenails tore
and your skin rashed-raw?

I don’t know how many calories I’ve burned
but I’m do my damnedest
to put them back in

Have you ever wanted
to cross a line
so much you muscled
through sidewalks
filled with spectators
and volunteers no longer there to watch or help?
So much that you just ran
when police said, this race is over.

After almost nine hours
on road-torn feet,
after hopscotching cones
across an wired line,
that no longer recorded time,

three women
claimed a moment
to place palms on knees,
to steady shaking bodies,
and cross into
the fellowship of finishers.

One thought on “49,467th

  1. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever received. I do not know you, but I am humbled and honored and in tears reading this. Thank you for being inspired by our story. It’s such a beautiful poem. If there is anything that I want people to take from my marathon journey it’s to always help others, pay kindness forward and never EVER give up!!

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