On Shipping Bees in 2015

by Liz Clift

Trucks carrying frozen chicken, bees collide in fiery crash“-Denverpost.com

Two semis on a Southern California highway
crashed, causing a mess
of bees and frozen chicken.

Some of the chicken cooked,
there were so many barbeque jokes.

A tractor-trailer carrying millions of honeybees
overturned on a highway north of Seattle, scattering hives
and sending white-suited beekeepers scrambling.

Scrambling what?

A semi-truck carrying 400 beehives
overturned on a busy freeway near
the IRONMAN Triathlon course in North Idaho.

Just two days before, a different truck,
carrying 20 million bees, was involved
in an accident on State Highway 33.

Drivers were warned to roll up their windows,
because the bees were swarming, but who can’t help
but think this is one way the apocalypse could start –
swarms of bees covering cars, slipping in through
air-conditioning vents, forming a buzzing mass?

Officials say more than a million honey bees
in a semi-truck load were scrambled
during a fatal collision on I-90 near
the Wisconsin Dells Saturday.

Of course, bees died too.
Bees are always dying.

A truck carrying hundreds of thousands
of honeybees overturned on a Oklahoma interstate
and swarmed a police patrol car.

Three crashes on Interstate 15 near Pocatello
unleased a massive swarm of honey bees
when the tractor-trailer
hauling them was destroyed.

Was destroyed sounds somehow mystical,
as though Sasquatch got a little tired
of us humans interfering with every damn thing,
and strode out across the highway
to punt that tractor-trailer, probably
while muttering Don’t you idiots know
when the bees die, they’re taking you with them?

A tractor-trailer hauling a load of honeybees
rolled on U.S. Highway 6 near Loveland Pass
causing some to escape to a snow-blanketed
hellscape, devoid of flowers and their queen.

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