My goal:

To fight apathy with poetry, by really focusing on understanding, empathizing with, and imagining my way into the news I hear on the radio or read on the internet

My hope:

That other writers will want to do the same.  That we can engage in poetic conversation about local, national, and international stories.

My inspiration:

Rattle’s “Poetry is Back in the News” project.  Patricia Smith’s poem: “34.”  Brian Doyle’s poem: “Leap.”  Anastacia Tolbert’s poem: “What To Tell My Sons After Trayvon Martin, After Michael Brown, After Medgar Evers, After, After, After, After and Before…”.

To submit work:

Please send your news-inspired flash fiction/nonfiction or poetry (in the body of your e-mail) to thisweekinpoetry@gmail.com.  Write a sentence or two to introduce yourself.  Please include the headline you are responding to.  Be thoughtful.  Be original.  Be radically empathetic.

Rachael Button, November 2015

One thought on “About

  1. Rachael,

    ” This Week in Poetry”
    great niche poetry esp. for Twitter poets
    need account and short hashtag like #TWnP –
    “twip” seems to be Irish politics
    many twitter poets play or write for word of the day prompts
    search #poetry to get an idea
    I write for #artwiculate and #orjay prompts and others
    as well as news items and spiritual ideas

    enjoyed Liz Clift’ contrbution on bees very much.

    a Cyclone, hmm


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